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About Us

You won't be disappointed for sure, we have something for everyone.

Gurwani's - Bag - D_edited.jpg
Gurwani's - Bag - D.jpg

Know us, for a better bond!

Gurwani’s Clothing Co. is an evolving design statement of Urban India.

The brand is owned by a very talented and versatile young designer Kanchan Gurwani Seth.

The vision of the designer is not just bound to the local vadodara where it originates from but it is to make the brand globally available. 

The core purpose of the brand is to turn the fabric into a most beautiful garment by getting it made through the best hands and which will be delivered to every category of people around the globe. 

The young designer lives with the core values of commitment towards working with dedication right from inception i.e. designing the garment, choosing the appropriate fabric and turning it into a niche masterpiece.



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